H.O.G. stands for Harley Owners Group. It is possibly the largest organized group of
motorcycle riders on the planet. Once a member of National H.O.G., you can find
brotherhood in H.O.G. wherever you find a dealership. Some H.O.G. chapters are in the
hundreds and some are in the teens, but they all have a common interest …. riding!

Let us talk about our chapter, Las Cruces H.O.G. First formed when Barnett’s opened the
Las Cruces store, we now fall under Barnett’s of El Paso, but still ride local and meet
local. We meet once a month for a business meeting and breakfast at Los Mariachi’s
Restaurant on Motel Blvd. at 9:00. There is always a ride afterward and the
temperature and weather conditions determine where and how long. We do longer
rides and some overnighters as the seasons permit.

A midweek ride, often on a Wednesday, typically ends at a breakfast or lunch
destination. Again we try to schedule rides when it’s most pleasant outside. No farther
than an hour one way. We also have a ride on the weekend which is longer, meaning 4-
6 hours with a lunch, brown bag or sit-down, in the middle of the ride. By checking
snmhog.com/calendar, you will find what’s planned.

Once a month we gather to socialize with a happy hour and dinner at a local
establishment. The details for this are also posted on the website calendar.


Our rides leave from the T.A. Truck Stop on Motel Blvd., the North end of the parking
lot. About five minutes before kickstands are up the Road Captain, leader of the ride,
will brief everyone on the route planned, go over ride signals, and discuss any safety
issues. After that, he will call to line up in a staggered formation. That is, he will take
the lead position on the left or inside lane. The next rider falls in staggered behind him
but on the right or outside lane, near the curb or gutter. This gives everyone a safety
space around them. Once moving, you try to maintain your position as best as possible,
but there is always a little bit of a rubber band effect. The last rider is called the
“sweep”. They are responsible for anyone pulling off for whatever reason. No one gets
left behind. New riders are usually placed in the back in front of the sweep, so they can
get used to our riding. And do not fall for the “new rider buys” B.S.

Dress to ride safely – boots, pants, long sleeves (you can burn in one hour), gloves,
sunscreen, and water. A cool vest or heated vest is nice. Come with a full tank and an
empty bladder.


We understand that group riding is not for everyone. If you prefer to ride alone, that’s
fine. If you’re new to riding, check us out; we might be what you like. If you’re tired of
riding alone, definitely try us. Bring a friend if you like. Sign in as a guest and get a feel
for the group. Some people ride once and they are gone. Some find a home. Whatever –
is all good.

Ride, have fun, enjoy others.
For more information, feel free to call:

Gary 575-644-5380 or Jean 616-901-9179

Or check our website for ride information: snmhog.com